Design & Drafting


We utilize Chartered professional engineers to complete your design and provide certification in accordance with the relevant: Australian, API or ASME standards. We have the ability to meet your two-dimensional and three-dimensional drafting requirements delivering: general arrangement and shop detail drawings.

3D Laser Scanning

By utilizing this technology we can significantly reduce the costs to the client usually associated with either modifying existing equipment/structure within a brownfields environment, or with installing new equipment.

This is achieved through the following:

  • Exact dimensions are captured in a 3D Point cloud which can consist of over 100 million points in space, these point clouds can then be used to construct an exact replica of the location
  • Typical accuracy for these environments is around 2-3mm with a range up to 100m possible
  • Reverse Engineering of existing structure is possible where original drawings are unavailable
  • Accuracy involved ensures the new equipment will integrate seamlessly
  • By using the remote measuring abilities safety is increased as often, no downtime of plant equipment is required